ABOUT Magna's Haven

Jessica Kuilan, LCSW

Primary Location: Jacksonville, FL

About Magna's Haven

In 2016, Jessica’s mother passed away from cancer of the liver. It was then that she decided to open up her own private practice and name it after her mother, Magna. Magna had the heart of a social worker. Growing up, Jessica remembered the countless times her mother offered homeless individuals shelter in their own home. She was a caring and loving mother, and worked very hard for her children. Most of all, she taught everyone to love strangers – no matter who they were or where they came from. Jessica’s father, Mario passed away June 07, 2020. Mario was also a social services advocate in his community. She is currently working on a special social services project in his honor (stay tuned). Her parents are survived by their two children; Jessica and distinguished Video and Digital Media Creative Director, Moises J. Fuentes.

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